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Proudly Representing the Following Quality Manufacturers

One-piece acrylic ADA shower
 and tub/shower stalls. 

The CAMUS® Family of Gas Fired
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Copper Tube and Stainless Steel Boilers and Water Heaters.

Sensor and manual operation flush valves,
 sensor operations faucets and accessories.
Complete solar water heating systems meeting the standards specified by SRCC. 

NSF Certified Stainless Steel Floor Drains, Trench Drains, Cleanouts, P-Traps and Custom Drains.

Thermostatic mixing valves for commercial, industrial, emergency and photographic applications.

Access doors, roof hatches and heat & smoke vents.
Simple Solutions for all duct, piping and equipment on roofs of buildings. 
 Electronic and mechanical trap primer valves, water hammer arrestors, thermostatic mixing valves, washing machines & ice maker boxes.
Waterproof/Firestop penetrators for the plumbing & electrical trades.
 Single stack plastic ventless DWV piping systems with Whisper-Quiet Pipe.
Grease, Oil, Lint, Sand separators and interceptors. 200 plus standard sizes and custom built.
Single stack cast iron ventless DWV piping systems.
Tepid Emergency 
Safety Equipment
World leader in self-actuated temperature control solutions.
Circuit Solver - First Thermostatic Balancing Valve
Single source packaged booster pump systems.
Corrugated flexible metal hose, metal braided connectors and expansion joints including rubber, metal and PTFE.
Venting systems for furnaces, boilers, water heaters, oil heaters, fireplaces and more.
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